Collective intelligence



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We make work joy and mental fitness practical and accessible.

Employees have an unique power and are the true success factor in any organisation that enriches the business value.

Daniela Gaschler

How to sustain employee happiness as part of your business strategy?

Do you want to think outside the box to invent and develop initiatives that contribute to happiness in the workplace?

How to contribute to a positive work environment?

How to increase employee’s engagement and resilience?

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Drop by for a cup of coffee or tea.

Together, we can explore which investments are enhancing employee’s happiness at work, mental vitality, creativity, and engagement.

Together we will discover and measure how any investment will pay off.


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“May you become what you always were.”

Do you dare to be happy and well?

Invest in yourself because you are worth it!

Therefore, please have a look at our agenda and find a learning group that suits you best.

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